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Sour, Never Sweet

Amelia Orellana, Poetry Club Member

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Please don’t make me fall in love with you.
I will write poems and songs about you
with verses describing how incredibly
beautiful you are to me even if no one else agrees
I will name stars and constellations after you
because I know I’ll always be able to look up to you
when I need to most.
I will pay attention to the minuscule things you do, like the way
you flutter your eyelashes when you’re nervous
the way your irresistible laugh resonates through every surface,
obliterating any other sound wave frequency.
I will memorize your favorite song and match the beat of the drum
to the beat of my heart when I’m with you.
I will write you love letters until my palms and fingertips bleed and my bones ache
with unsaid words and pain; love letters as lengthy as multi-volume novels,
and even then,
those words wont be able to convey how much I am
completely infatuated with you.
no matter how much love i professed to you, i knew it would never be
the first day we crossed paths you had rightfully warned me to never fall in love with you
and yet, I did.
“You will never be the same after me, whether you want to be or not. I will break you
and not on purpose, it’s just something innate that no one, not even I can control. So that being said, please do not fall in love with me.”
I actually never thought I’d fall in love with you, not until i realized i was in too deep.
If i had realized that you’d be right, i would’ve never given you a second glance,
and even then, i think i would’ve.
I don’t know what’s worse, realizing that you were right
or realizing that deep down, I knew it all along.
i still listen to your favorite song, and i still match its beat with the beat of my heart,
but not the way i used to, now i count the beats of what is now broken
and i simply hope that one day it will mend.
you were always my favorite flavor and always my favorite thought.
just like the way your favorite song will always replay in my memory,

your taste will forever linger on my lips, sour and never sweet.

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Sour, Never Sweet